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Lion, town of Plovdiv, has been dealing with foodstuffs production and trade for twelve years. The name of the product “TASTY PAUSE” is a registered trademark of the company. We offer ready dishes for your lunch and dinner while we do our best to satisfy the requirements and taste of every client. We make tasty and wholesome food for you and our major purpose is to continue creating new and varied dishes that meet the high quality standards. In this connection, in 2006 within the territory of the town of Plovdiv we made a modernly equipped workshop with the most recent high-technological machinery and a laboratory for quality control of the raw materials and ready products. It is our major obligation to carry out strict control at every stage of the production process, thereby ensuring the quality of our products and gaining your trust. Lion introduced a “System for food safety management – ÍÀÑÑÐ - a requirement to the companies operating into the foodstuffs sphere. This is an international standard developed for the purpose of ensuring the safety of foodstuffs all over the entire foodstuffs chain. Tasty food has the wonderful power of making you tear away from the problems for a while at least and feel closer to nature!
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